Juans Canyon Ruins

These ruins are located in the Tonto National Forest, a few miles north of Sears-Kay and other sites. Access is somewhat difficult, and required driving on rough forest roads and hiking off-trail. The effort was rewarded however, by finding a well-preserved structure and other archeological items.

Highlights of this ruin were:

  • Abundant pottery shards and cutting tools
  • Overgrown but well-preserved and clearly-defined rooms
  • The remains of a short wall(?) on the north-east side of the ruin. It doesn’t appear to be defensive in nature, due to its height and position only on one side of the ruin.
  • A set of rocks positioned in a rectangle, about half-way between the ruin and the short wall. This seemed intentionally placed.

This ruin was intriguing, and I would like to go back with the intention of creating a detailed map of the site.

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