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Pueblo Grande Museum Auxiliary Presentation: Archaeology and Cultures of Arizona

We are very much looking forward to an upcoming lecture at Phoenix’s Pueblo Grande Museum. Information below:

Guest speaker: Allen Dart
Topic: Archaeology and Cultures of Arizona

Join Pueblo Grande Museum and Allen Dart of Old Pueblo Archaeology Center for a presentation on “Archaeology and Cultures of Arizona”.  Many different peoples have contributed to making Arizona such a unique and fascinating cultural place.  Mr. Dart summarizes and interprets the archaeology of Arizona from the earliest “Paleoindians” through Archaic period hunters and foragers, the transition to true village life, and the later prehistoric archaeological cultures (Puebloan, Mogollon, Sinagua, Hohokam, Salado, and Patayan).  He also discusses connections between archaeology and history, and provides an overview of the Native American, European, Mexican, African, and Asian peoples who have contributed to the Southwest’s more recent history.  This free program is sponsored by the Arizona Humanities Council and open to the public.  Donations are welcome.

source: October 2013 Calendar of Events – Official Site of the City of Phoenix

Henry Wallace – “Hohokam Cults and Sodalities: A New Perspective on the Hohokam”

Henry D. Wallace, Desert Archaeology, Inc. – As a result of refined ceramic dating, we now know that a host of major changes in styles of decoration, and the appearance of new ceremonies, ritual architecture, and ballcourts with raised embankments, show up in what was likely an ethnically diverse range of populations all across southern and central Arizona within the span of a generation around A.D. 800. Discussed here is how this came about through a revitalization movement and the creation of sodalities that bound the region together with a common ideology and ritual framework, fostering economic interrelationships and population growth.