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Pueblo Grande Museum Auxiliary Presentation: Archaeology and Cultures of Arizona

We are very much looking forward to an upcoming lecture at Phoenix’s Pueblo Grande Museum. Information below:

Guest speaker: Allen Dart
Topic: Archaeology and Cultures of Arizona

Join Pueblo Grande Museum and Allen Dart of Old Pueblo Archaeology Center for a presentation on “Archaeology and Cultures of Arizona”.  Many different peoples have contributed to making Arizona such a unique and fascinating cultural place.  Mr. Dart summarizes and interprets the archaeology of Arizona from the earliest “Paleoindians” through Archaic period hunters and foragers, the transition to true village life, and the later prehistoric archaeological cultures (Puebloan, Mogollon, Sinagua, Hohokam, Salado, and Patayan).  He also discusses connections between archaeology and history, and provides an overview of the Native American, European, Mexican, African, and Asian peoples who have contributed to the Southwest’s more recent history.  This free program is sponsored by the Arizona Humanities Council and open to the public.  Donations are welcome.

source: October 2013 Calendar of Events – Official Site of the City of Phoenix

Gisela Ruins

These ruins are a hilltop fortification near the town of Gisela, Arizona. The ruins are composed of a main circle surrounded by quite a few individual rooms. This is a common configuration for Southwestern native societies, with daily activities occurring in a central, communal area and rooms being primarily used for sleep and storage. Many of the walls were still at chest height. The location seemed to be a good choice, with a commanding view of the surrounding area and an accessible water source.

This ruin was made even more exciting by the discovery of a grinding stone among the rooms.

Included in this gallery are 3 panoramas and 33 regular images of the ruin.